P1XL Games

P1XL Party is a pixelated celebration of the spirit of classic video games!

Three games, with more to come in free updates, are included in this compilation. This first release includes Splatform (a platformer/jumper), Wanderers (an action-rpg), and Marz (a shooter/bomber game). Future free updates already in development include other classic genres: puzzle, racing, strategy, and more.

P1XL programmers/designers Sam Washburn and Robin Harbron bring you new games that would have been right at home alongside the classics in the arcades, or on your console or home computer in the early 1980s.

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Before Doodle Jump, before Papi Jump, there was Splatform for the Commodore 64. Entered in the 2002 Minigame Programming Competition, Splatform took 1st place by a wide margin in a field of 62 new games for old systems. This addictive platform jumper was also adapted for the Atari 2600, and now you can play a pixel-perfect recreation of the C-64 original on your iOS device.

The seven daughters of the King are lost, wandering the kingdom. Night is falling soon - you are the brave knight who must find and return the princesses to the castle, protecting them from the fearsome beasts that roam the swampy lands. Chests with improved armour and weapons, and potions can be found to help you in your quest.

Save your scout craft by bombing clear a landing area on the Martian surface. Authentic Commodore 64-style graphics mixed with classic "Bomber" gameplay and a couple new twists make this an addictive addition to the P1XL collection.