NSF Playback in Flash 10! v0.6

Default Settings w/NSF

Requires Flash10

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Customizations w/NSFE

Requires Flash10

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New to version 0.6!

  • Auto-Play: add to params:
  • NSF Playlists: add a comma separated list to params:


  • NSF and NSFE playback
  • Honors NSFE playback and fade times
  • NSF Playlists.
  • Auto-play: Begins playing on start-up.
  • Tweakable Interface (Not documented yet, view this page's HTML source for an example.)
  • Supports: 2A03, DPCM, MMC5, VRC6, VRC7, FME7, FDS, N106
  • Volume control uses cookies to remember your volume preference.
  • Uses Blargg's excellent band-limited playback routines

Put FlashNSF on your site!

You can find the required player files in this .zip file.

Unzip the files and put them on your website in the same directory as the page you want the player to appear on.

On your page, put the following html in your <head> tag. (Change mm3.nsf to your own nsf file)

Then put this wherever you want the player to appear:


  • Javascript Control
  • NSF Playlist Track Selection
  • Stereo
  • Auto-play cookie
  • Play time
  • Channel Checkboxes
  • Number of Tracks
  • Visualizer
  • Better Documentation